Current PPR based Seasonal Projections, Team, Positional, and Player levels. 49 Slides Chock Full of Data.

Updated with Double Secret Extra Good Facts and Figures cooked into a data rich "crush your league" pie!

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Updated 7/5/16. Winning-Your-Fantasy-Football-Draft-ebook


Current PPR based Seasonal Projections, Team, Positional, and Player levels. 

49 Slides Chock Full of Data. 

Dont you get tired of FF articles that cookie cutter it.  A token piece of data thrown in. 

Its a Data Fest Here.

These are based on my current projections of seasonal production of players positions and teams. 

I found the League/Team/Positional averages and subtracted that number from the projections. The resulting positive and negative numbers show a  real view of above and below the relevant averages. 

Go over a few times. What is surprising? Or not? I want it to inspire you to dig deeper. 

Good Luck.

FYI- I am working on a new deal. I am going to try to answer the question for each team's position. If the Number 1 is injured what is the new projections for the Number 2 and 3 players. 

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