Using Team Positional Usage from Target Data. Leverage in your Drafting Part 1

Using Team Positional Usage from Target Data. Leverage in your Drafting Part 1

Part 2 Tomorrow
I use target data as a way to think about a Team's Usage of each position. Last Year's data is not fresh but its what we have drafting into July. I weigh the data but try to be flexible in my opinions. 

Today, I present the Target Based positional usage data from 2015 for each Team and Position.

 My tables list the Team, Position, Total Targets, % of Team Usage and Scaled Target Percentage. I transformed the % of Team Usage Data modified to the league positional data. Green are High Team Usage and Red is Low Team Usage by Position.

For example, ARI can be thought of as a Team that highly uses it WRs. That is expected this year and explains the solid rankings of it 3 WRs. ARI can support 3 as they did last year. ARI's TE position usage was in the red last year and no changes are expected. The RB positional usage in ARI is average. Extra credit due to the ARI WRs. 

Tomorrow, I will group the data by position, lay the data onto the current PPR ADP and let you "see" the players usage rankings via colorization. 

I will also have a landscape view of the ADP based picks to see runs or other opportunities. Part 2 should be the payoff! 

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