Friday, July 1, 2016

WR GAP Analysis. What is Each Teams WR Gaps? Prepare for Chaos.

WR GAP Analysis. 

What is Each Teams WR Gaps? 

Prepare for Chaos.

The Gap number is the difference in my rankings from the WR1 and WR2 plus the difference between the WR2 and WR3.  

Red means very close and Green means not close in rankings between WR. 

Scaled Gap is a numerically transformed value of the Gap number for easier analysis. 

Blue is means the WRs are close in Rankings and Red means they are not. 

The Area Graph allows you to see these backfields differently. I have 2 Big League overviews: the landscape view and then the more focused the Teams Area graphs. 

Again these tables do not show the WR1. Gaps begin at the WR2 level. 

We are looking for relationships! IE ARI with a low Gap1 of 4.5 means John Brown is very close to the WR1 M Floyd! Also the Gap 2 number of L Fitzgerald of 0.6 mean he and J Brown are the same. 

Together, these 2 are only 5 Gap Points from the WR1. 

Planning for Chaos would mean these 3 are one. They are predicted to be so close that drafting one is the same as the others. So I would pick the last one of the three in a draft. Why pay for a premium.

Go though and find these opportunities.  

Take Notes Enjoy!

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