Analysis of 2015 Top 50 Preseason RBs vs their End of Season Finish. How many made the Regular Season Top 100 RBs? Part 2

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I have the 2015 Preseason Data and had a series of questions. 

Question 1: How many of the top 50 2015 Preseason WRs made an impact by the end of the season?

Figure 1 to 4 present the Top 50 preseason RBs. I used the stat of rushing yards per game (YDS/G). An area graph follows to each table. Green Stars highlight the preseason RBs that had an impact in the regular season (Top 100 RB Regular Season)

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4
Figure 5 and 6

This figure show a summary of the RB rankings in Preseason (1 to 50) vs the Regular Season (1 to 100). 

Color Coded Regular Season Rankings
Green- Top 25% 
Yellow - Middle Group
Red-Bottom 25% 

Figure 5

Figure 6

Figure 7
Where are we now? RBs vs WRs 
2015 Pre vs Reg Seasons

Green Stars = winners of the Pre vs Reg transition. 

Analysis of the data reveals that the Preseason RBs have a higher chance of making a regular season impact vs WRs. 

** Double the chances**

I would pay sharper attention to the top RBs vs WRs!

I have not heard that in the pundit worlds! The Professor claims another scoop and all the glory its brings (  :) hehe!). 

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