Analysis of 2015 Top 50 Preseason WRs vs their End of Season Finish. How many made the Regular Season Top 100? Part 1

I have the 2015 Preseason Data and had a series of questions. 

Question 1: How many of the top 50 2015 Preseason WRs made an impact by the end of the season?

Figure 1 and 2 Present the Top 50 WRs. I used the stat Yards per Catch. 

I took the Stat and convert the Raw data into Rankings from 100 High to 0 Low. Green highlights to Top WRs in preseason and also those that were in the top 100 WRs at seasons end. 

The Diff is a subtraction of the Preseason and Regular rankings.

In Summary 11 of the top 50 preseason WRs had a regular season impact! 1 out of 5. So 4 of 5 were not relevant! 

The Area Graphs of the Tabular Data give you a landscape view of the data! 

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