Thursday, August 18, 2016

Draft Plans Analysis Part 3 __ Zero WR Plans. Which Draft Pick give you an Advantage with this Plan?


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Draft Plans Analysis Part 3/ Zero WR Plans. Which Draft Pick give you an advantage with this plan?

This plan picks starts with 3 RBs , Early TE, (Early QB and 3/4 WRs)

W = The Plan
Remaining (REM)= All players not picked

Green are Low and Strong Draft Rankings
Red are Weak and High Draft Rankings

Overall Average Ranks W vs Rem is Good for the Plan! 

The Numbers of Each Position Drafted are Shown By Draft Picks

Positional Analysis of the Different Players Drafted vs Draft Picks

Example. In this plan the Draft Picks of 1, 6 , 8 and 11 yield on average the best QBs (Green Arrows)

Overall Comparisons of Positional Averages. 

Green are low and strong drafted players 
Red/Orange are higher and weaker drafted players. 

This plan is a winner but not with WRs. Very Poor Group Drafted 105 vs 61. Almost twice as bad! 

But the RBs drafted are rated at 57 draft ranking vs 87 of all remaining un-drafted RBs

QBs and TEs are strong with the plan!

This is the graphical representation of the above table! Green Stars are Superior positional drank rankings (QB TE and RBs) while red star highlights the poor WRs drafted using the plan!

The actual list of players drafted vs Draft positions and color coded draft rankings. 

Draft Ranking Averages for Plan and non-Plan Players by Draft Pick (Green are low and strong while red are high and weak ranked!)
Side-Side View of the 12 Draft Picks. Plan Winners are denoted with green Ws

Graphical Representation of the tabular data. Green Stars are winners with the Plan. Red stars are losers

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