Friday, August 19, 2016

Draft Plans Analysis Part 4 _ Balanced Drafting. Which Draft Pick Position is the Best?


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The Fantasy Greek. AFC 2015 Points Allowed By Positional Data use to project out the 2016 Season

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FYI - Part 5 - Tomorrow. I compare all 3 plans and predict which drafts fit with which plan! 

In Part 4 I present "My Balanced PLAN" which is to Draft WR/RB or RB/WR first and then proceed RB/WR choosing the best one. 

I do try to grab a TE earlier and QB Later. 

This plan has the most flexibility of the 3 plans.

Green -Good and Red - Not good at Draft Ranking Average. 

I display the overall result of the Balanced Draft Plan which is better than not having a plan (79 vs 83)

Green Arrows denote the Best Draft Picks for each Position. 

Draft Pick Comparisons. Which Draft Pick is Best?  Green Arrows denoted these best draft picks
These data Table and Graph focuses on the overall positional favored by the plan. RB and TE are favored while QB and WR are not. 

The comparison of the Draft Pick using the Plan and not! Note that Draft Picks 11 and 12 are not different vs plan. Be aware if you have those draft picks! 

Graph of the above Table. Pick 11 and 12 are not favorable. That is a question to explore later!

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