Looking at PPR WRs_Position of this Position! Players, Team Value, Team Views, Landscapes of WR1, 2, 3 , and 4_5 vs Draft Position.

Inspiration to think. 

That is the big picture purpose of these data. 

When is a WR2 as defined by within a Team better than another Team's WR1? 

When is a WR3 better than a WR2?

 Maybe early within the draft it is clear cut but as you go down into the ranks the answer to those questions get more murky. 

I present the PPR WR overall Players via their Team Rank (WR1 to 4/5) in Figure 1. In all the Figures the first line is the WR1s, followed by WR2s etc.

The Blue Stars marker the beginning of the next WR type as you go down the draft rankings. The color arrows below the X Axis mark the end of a Run-Type. The first WR2 shows up at draft pick of 19th. the first WR3 at 33th down and WR4 begin at 68th. Use this to see the landscape. It gets murky when you are drafting WR2 and WR3 begin while still finishing up the drafting of the last few WR1! 

Is this a signal these end of line WRs are undervalued or priced right?

The next few bar graphs associate player names vs the draft pick number and the type of position they are.
I used the red stars to highlight the first WRs of a type coming into view! So is Cobb worth more than a Team's WR1? Moncrief? Inspire some thinking is my point!  

These next tables visually go down the overall draft picks and lets you use colorized tabs to see the type transitions! 

These next tables also use a metric I invented call Team Value. It defines the within Teams the types of WRs and their value to the Team, 100 is the highest value and it can go into the deep negatives. Use this number to answer the original questions.

I next generated the table showing the players sorted by highest to lowest Team Value numbers. I did not need to begin at the WR1s since they are all 100 Team Value ranked. I began at the WRs and down! See the Team Value Number give a different list of players ranked outside the draft rankings. Inspire thinking to answer the original questions!

Finally, I have organized the data by Teams and list the player and their team as well as draft ranking, WR type and Team value metric! Lots of data to think about!

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