Target Trilogy Part 2: Professor's 2015 Team Target Report (Positional Distribution). Its raining data!!!!

This is a link to a great article Dave Cherney and I have written. (Part 2) 

We have Part 3 and 4 to be done in this series. 

If you do both Dynasty and Redraft this is a must read series! 


Target Trilogy Part 2: Professor's 2015 Team Target Report (Positional Distribution) 

These data from my Textbook which I updated and will update again.

Link to my Updated Textbook!


 Part 3 Tomorrow

            Tabular % of Targets by Teams in 2015
            RB, WR, and TE 2015 Team's Targets vs 2016 MFL                    ADP. (Spot the Target Based Sleepers!)


This is a series of TEAM Target Distributions. Go through them and spot the kernels of truth! Store these for your draft. Tomorrow I tie the 2016 Current ADP with this data. I complete the trilogy. A fourth part exists but I got to save it for me! Maybe next year! 


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