Target Trilogy Part 3: Target Usage to Spot Sleepers. Use the 2016 ADP vs 2015 Target Usage to "see" Sleepers

This is a link to a great article Dave Cherney and I have written. (Part 2) 

We have Part 3 and 4 to be done in this series. 

If you do both Dynasty and Redraft this is a must read series! 

These data from my Textbook which I updated and will update again.


Target Trilogy Part 3: 

Target Usage to Spot Sleepers. 

Use the 2016 ADP vs 2015 Target Usage 

to "see" Sleepers

Think I am draft D Walker (TEN)? YES and as much as possible.


Ingram over Charles? Could Be!
Martin over Lacy Yes! 

JONES over OBJ Yes! 
Cooper over Allen Yes!

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