Saturday, September 24, 2016

Draft Kings Week 3 Positional, Team Report, Value Numbers and Shoot-Out Potentials. Professor Approved. Money Makes Money!

Week 3 Welcome Draft King Players

My Mission is to provide a complete and easy to understand presentation of this week's plays at Draft Kings.  

I have a mathematical approach to generate a metric called "Fantasy Sports Professor's Draft Kings Player Salary to their Weekly Projected Points"    *FPS $ vs PTS.  = Value Number

I also use calculate the Positional Average of my FPS $ vs PTS scaled to the Average. This gives you a sense the relative "overlay" or "underlay" potential for each player within that position. 

  • Green Annotation Overlays. These players salaries are generous compared to their Draft Kings assigned salaries this week. You are underpaying for points

  • Red Annotation Underlays. These players are overpriced relative to their projected week points. You are overpaying for points

  • No Annotation _ Fair value Players. You are getting what you play for into terms of week points projections. 

I also provide these data by teams. You can see and use the team's overlays. This is useful if you are considering team stacking or playing the predicted high scoring games!

Game Totals Shoot-Out Potential

Bright Green    Highest Scoring Games 
(50 to 55 Game Points)

Light Green      Above Average Scoring Games
 (46 to 49 Game Points)

Light Red         Below Average Scoring Games
(45 to 42 Game Points)

Red                   Low Score Defensive Games
(Below 42 Game Points)

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