Fantasy Football Success may need use of Mindfulness and Extended Thinking Space between Stimulus and Response.

Fantasy Football Success may need both Mindfulness and Extended Thinking Space between Stimulus and Response.

Thinking Space

Thinking Space Key Article


Mr Richards

Figure 1 illustrates Thinking space in Fantasy Football. The time between stimulus and response needs to be as long as possible. 

If your routine does not include the space between the stimulus and response, then you are not at peak efficiency.  "they said" pick up that player and you instantly do it then you are limiting your thoughtfulness (Mindfulness). What are your habits? Do you jump too quick? 


 Dr. Ellen Langer

 " Ellen Langer’s research on mindfulness has greatly influenced thinking across a range of fields, from behavioral economics to positive psychology. It reveals that by paying attention to what’s going on around us, instead of operating on auto-pilot, we can reduce stress, unlock creativity, and boost performance. Mindfulness is the process of actively noticing new things. When you do that, it puts you in the present. It makes you more sensitive to context and perspective. It’s the essence of engagement. "

In fantasy football, the PROs look at game replays etc. They are in the present! They use this to see the "new" and "different". 


  • 1) Use Snap/Targets/RushingAttempts to see the reality

  • 2) If the numbers are not good, move on from that player even if they were a high draft in redraft leagues. 

  • 3) What is the predicted game flow?

  • 4) What does Vegas say about total points for the game? Why?

  • 5) Practice to be in the present and "see" the current context! 

This is asking you to train your system 2 thinking (slow) to ignore the Fast and Frugal thinking (system 1) that is easy and quick! 

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