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Fanduel Mo Money Week 12 Report. Use Wisely, Good Luck



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Fanduel Mo Money Week 12 Report. Professor's Value Views and Team Stacking Report
Players are Listed by Positions Followed by Team Views
                                                            -=============================================Player FSP values are high values (Green) and low values (Red)The values are based on the positional average.  Positive Green Good Values while Negative Red Stained Value are poor values
Optimum is 
High Match-Up Games with 
High Value Players 
and Team Stacks! Vegas 
Prediction for Total Game Points Shoot Outs. High Scoring                           50 to 55 Game Points         Above Average Scoring         46 to 49.5Below Average Scoring         43 to 45.5Low Scoring                           below 43
Player FSP values …

Non PPR / PPR Week 12 TEAM Analysis. Risk and Rankings By Teams



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My player rankings (FSP Rankings) are simple rankings on a scale from 100 (Best at the Position/GREEN) to 0 (Worst at the Position RED).

My Risk Rankings are a guide to whether a player's rank is easily predictable. Weekly Volatility! 

(Low Risk/Green would imply stable rankings while High Risk/Red implies a high volatile ranking)

I will update later in the week based on late breaking information if needed