Special Thanksgiving 3 Game Fantasy Football Stat Pack! Snaps, Targets, Attempts and Defense Against the Position, and Vegas Total Points Predictions



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This report is a special report focusing on the 3 thanksgiving games. 

It is a combination of reports I have been doing for the The Fantasy Greek each week this season.

Please check them out for the Sunday Monday Games! 

Each Game has 4 Data Slides associated with it.

A) Shootout Potential of each Game and the Defense Analysis that each team is facing. Total Points Allowed. (TPA)

Each Team Name is colorized from Red (Tough Defense) to Green (Easy Defense). The TPA points out the nature of the defense being faced and the fantasy points given up (Positive - Easy and Negative - Hard) 

B) SNAP Report by Week for Each Team. Allows clear "sight" of player usage and the change stat highlights the changes up or down in usage between the last two games played. 

C) Target Report By Week for Each Team. Allows focus onto players are that lightly or heavily targeted each week. 

D) Rushing Attempts Report by Week for Each Team. What Running Back has been rushing the most in recent weeks for each team. 

Consider this data to be essential for a beginning analysis of each game. Use other data to further define your thinking! 

                                         DAL vs WAS


          TARGET REPORT By Weeks DAL vs WAS



                                    IND vs PIT 

              SNAP REPORT By Weeks IND vs PIT 


       TARGET REPORT By Weeks IND vs PIT 


         RUSHING REPORT By Weeks IND vs PIT 
                                        DET vs MIN

            SNAP REPORT By Weeks DET vs MIN


        TARGET REPORT By Weeks DET vs MIN



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