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Performance Scoring by Position Week 13: NON-PPR Version Courtesy of Jim Saranteas -



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By John Bush

This report presents Week 1 through Week 13 fantasy football player performances using a common positional metric: Performance Scoring (PS). 

The report can be used to compare the fantasy point production of all players regardless of the position. The scale is from 100 (Best) to 0 (Worst). The top players are color-coded green and the bottom players are color-coded red. 

A team positional player data view follows and highlights the players “Performance Scoring” within their team. (For the PPR report, see previous article.) The left column notes the top Performance Score for the season of each player (MAX). This number gives you a numerical benchmark, which helps determine whether the player is peaking or declining. 

The difference in the player's performance in the last two weeks is noted by the CHANGE stat. The MAX and CHANGE data can inspire thinking about future waiver wire pickups. 

Use the remaining data to help determine the reasons for extreme player production in fantasy football from weeks one through twelve. Use the data to determine trends.

Quarterback Performance Scoring


Running Back Performance Scoring (Non-PPR)


Tight End Performance Scoring (Non-PPR)


Wide Receiver Performance Scoring (Non-PPR)


Team Positional Player Views (Non-PPR)

The data below can be used to see changes in player performance and roles, along with movements up and down a team’s depth charts. The last column entitled, “CHANGE,” shows which players have heated up or cooled down.
When combining weeks of productivity and overall change, players like Raiders running back Latavius Murray, Saints running back Mark Ingram, and Ravens running back Kenneth Dixon stand out. - from last report 12/1/16
This week note that Bills running back, Mike Gillisee, Colts tight end Dwayne Allen, Chiefs wide receiver, Albert Wilson, and Steelers tight end Ladarius Green have all "woken" up and should be considered for pickups and playing slide18slide19slide20slide21slide22slide23slide24slide25slide26slide27slide28slide29slide30slide31slide32slide33

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Performance Scoring by Position Week 14: Non-PPR

Latavius Murray, Mark Ingram, Kenneth Dixon Fantasy Football Week 14

Mike GilliseeDwayne Allen, Chiefs Albert Wilson, Ladarius Green Fantasy Football Week 14

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