Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Current PPR ADP and Risk Analysis. Team, Position and Player Landscapes

I am deep into research for my textbook on drafting. I needed a break so I whipped this out this afternoon.

I use my early season visuals not to be anchored into thoughts. I use these data aids to inspire questions, comparisons and more research. 

As you go into this post, write down questions and think about the answers. 

I first present a drafting landscape of positions, positional runs, and patterns. 

Why these patterns? What is the public thinking. 

We in some sense are all fighting against the wisdom of the crowd. The ADP is the public and it must be respected. We need to be ahead and know when to go against the popular ideas. 

The order of the positions is RBs, TEs, WRs and QBs. The first 4 picks are 3 RBs and 1 WR. and then we see a run of 6 WRs. 

The first QB drafted at pick 20 and first TE at the 24 pick. 

By end of round 4 the first 24 WRs are gone while only 16 RBs are gone. WRs are still leading the charge. 

These next tables highlight the position, the players rank, risk and scaled rank and risk. Color coded for ease of viewing. 

Why are some players more riskier than others? Is Rodgers really the best QB? These ranks follow nicely into tiers , if needed. 

The Team view allows a gaze at the team's make up. Players that seem to dominate the position or a committee of players? What is the risk vs reward for the team's players? 

This is a nice view of the team, players and rounds currently being drafted. These are my favorites as it invites questions very simply.

 IE In BAL is Woodhead really a 12 rounder vs Dixon at round 8? Seems a little large distance for Woodhead away from Dixon.  

I will not spoil your fun. Enjoy this data! 

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