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Quick Analysis of Offensive Lines from 2016 Data. Where are this year Draft Advantages? Surprising but Fun Data!

Here are three figures that gives a landscape view of each team's offensive lines
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The first figure gives a score number for the offensive line's support for a team's rushing/RBs and for pass protection for QB.RB/WR/TEs. The numbers go from best at 100 to worst at 0. The team's data was colorized for emphasis.

I also included a R/P ratio number to see the team's skewness.  Thus BUF is skewed to run protection and poor in pass blocking. Upgrade the RBs and downgrade the WRs TEs.

Figure 1-1

I took the raw scores and scaled them to the league average to highlight what OLs are doing better or worse than average (see Figure 1-2). I added the two numbers to see the overall OL strength. Color coded for annotation of the best …