Quick Analysis of Offensive Lines from 2016 Data. Where are this year Draft Advantages? Surprising but Fun Data!

Here are three figures that gives a landscape view of each team's offensive lines

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The first figure gives a score number for the offensive line's support for a team's rushing/RBs and for pass protection for QB.RB/WR/TEs. The numbers go from best at 100 to worst at 0. The team's data was colorized for emphasis.

I also included a R/P ratio number to see the team's skewness.  Thus BUF is skewed to run protection and poor in pass blocking. Upgrade the RBs and downgrade the WRs TEs.

Figure 1-1

I took the raw scores and scaled them to the league average to highlight what OLs are doing better or worse than average (see Figure 1-2). I added the two numbers to see the overall OL strength. Color coded for annotation of the best and worst. OLs

Figure 1-2

Finally based on the data above, I assigned a RUN, Balanced or Pass Grade to each OL. I used a differential numerical calculation to assign these monikers to each OL.

Use these to up or downgrade various players as you would using other factors such as SOS. These would be in the class of secondary factors. Breaking ties with closely ranked players could be a use as well.

Figure 1-3

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