Current Non-PPR Player Rankings, ADP Draft Patterns and Risk Analysis

Current Non-PPR Player Rankings, ADP Draft Patterns and Risk Analysis

Here are visual figures the represent the current landscape for Non-PPR Redrafts. 

If where you are getting your rankings is not giving you this level of data, why are you using them? 

Working on my Textbook. It will have insane amounts of original FF research, not just tired old names and numbers! Just Saying! 

Hopefully in 2 weeks the 2017 edition on amazon! 

I will update June, July and Finally Mid August etc as well. 

Draft Patterns by Round

Numerical Landscape of Non-PPR drafts

Colors mark the next level of position 

(For Example, the WR1 to WR 2 transition is occurring in round 3)


Round by Round Landscape by Position. Where are the players being drafted compared to others?

Team Level Landscape Analysis. Where are the players being drafted on each team?

My Early Rankings with Risk Analysis By Position 



(Green High, Yellow Mid and Red Weak) 


High, Mid and Low Risk Levels.

For example in the DST ARI is highly ranked at 84/100 but that ranking is considered at high risk for volatility.  DEN is ranked 100 (best and is at low risk). I am more confident on Den vs Ari's DST! 

Rankings and Risk by Team Landscape View

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