New Method Invented. Convert Current Public PPR League Based ADP to Seasonal Projected Points.

We have worked hard to think outside the box.

We had a question could the Public's ADP ranking be used to generate Seasonal PPR Projections of Points?

If this could be done then the public's ADP opinions could be converted to PPR points. That would lead to Team Views, Positional Views as well as predicted percentages of team positional usages.

This allows us to "see" the current thinking and allow us to visualize the predictions that seem to be right on target and those that do not. Sleepers vs Anti-Sleepers?

We used multiple years data to develop mathematical models to use ADP to predict PPR PTS.

Use our data tables to inspire thinking for your 2017 drafts.

Positional Views

Team Views with PPR Projections and % of Usage

Player Views with the Average of PPR Point Projection along with Scaled to the Position Average Points (Scaled PP)

Team, Positional and Player Views. Begin to imagine injury scenarios as well with this data.  


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