Post Draft MFL 10 ADPs_Player Risk and Ranks_Draft Pick Advantages_Numerous Action Packed Data Figures!

I have updated the MFL10 ADPs from data after the draft as well. I urge you to question all data points to understand the why. This is the wisdom of the crowds as it is based on MFL10 ADPs but it is a starting point for your investigations.

These next figures present each position, the FPR (Fantasy Professors ADP Ranking) and my risk number Early Risk. Red color not good while green is good! 

Example question. In the QBs the 3rd QB Brady has a high risk number relative to his draft neighbors. Why? What is the public as a group telling us? 

Next up is 2 figures that I use to see the entire draft. I use landscape level visual aids to make moves etc before the crowd. Questions such as when do I need to draft a TE or QB if I do not wish to have a player positional ranked at 13th or worse. So in TEs you can wait to at least round 8 to 9. QB2s start at round 10 as well! So in you draft plan going into a MFL10, plan for TEs and QBs in rounds 7 to 9 etc. 

These figures are landscape figures that I use to see the positional runs. I would like to be on the front to the middle of positional runs.

These global views are at the team level. Questions can be generated by using them. I would suggest you go through these multiple times and generate questions to research. You must have these questions answered BEFORE the draft! 

This is a similar landscape view but at the position level. Where is "your" pick at by draft round? Why? Research your player!

Lastly I like to be aware before the draft which draft pick positions are naturals for good WRs RBs etc. If I have pick 8 based on ADP I will not land on any QB to draft if I just autopicked! So I need to figure that I will have to reach out to draft a QB mostly slight below the ADP value but at the right round of course. 

I have included numbers of each positions, averages of ranks and risk all relative to draft pick. So at the current MFL10 ADP draft picks 3, 6 and 11 are naturals for landing on the best WRs. Nice to know! However, picks 1, 2 and 7 are just the opposite for WRs. Beware! Good Luck! 


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