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Current NON-PPR Player Rankings with Risk Analysis and Sleeper Numbers

NON-PPR Player Rankings with Risk Analysis and Sleeper Numbers
Positional Landscapes for Draft Planning 
(see my MFl live blogging to learn uses for these figures in your 

NON-PPR drafts). 

The Light Red Arrows denote positional levels in 12 player segments. 

By Round 4, the first 12 WRs are gone plus 4 others. By round 6, 24 WRs have been drafted on average. Plan your draft! 

The other pundits just give you some numbers and sheets/tiers :( (Sad). 

I wanted my readers to see the big picture. 

Ranked Players Averages of Each NFL Team
This is a table by the team of all the players ranked and their team average. In general, where are the great players at and on what teams? 
Green stained teams have best-ranked players and the red teams have the worst!  Should you dig too deep into sad teams? 

Positional Landscapes of Team rankings.
Getting Deeper into the positional player ranked averages. Where is the sadness at?   Green- Good  Red-Poor

Current MFL 10s ADP Landscapes, Rankings, Risk, and Differential Weakness Score (New Metric from the Fantasy Professors)

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Landscapes of the Drafting Patterns in MFL10s

I used other tables of draft landmarks for tie breaking. I did not reference these other materials as I am reserving the right to tell everything.


Risk vs ADP Rank

I Invented a new metric! Player Weakness DIFF Number (Player Weakness)