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Professors-nfl-team-flash-cards _ Arizona/Atlanta/Baltimore/Buffalo

First 4 Teams Out at FakePigSkin
In this time of year, I am gathering my landscape views of the 2018 season. The concept that drives this type of material is from reference class forecasting**

** Reference class forecasting or comparison class forecasting is a method of predicting the future by looking at similar past situations and their outcomes. (Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky). Reference class forecasting is so named as it predicts the outcome of a planned action based on actual outcomes in a reference class of similar actions to that being forecast.  


Please see my initial team analysis at the links below.

buffalo-professors-nfl-team-flash-card/ -------------------------------------…

Currently Doing My Team Flash Cards. What were 2018 Positional Weakness? 2019 Team Needs?

I am currently running my annual Team Flash Cards for all 32 Teams.  3/4 a Week ==========================================================

2018 Weakness 2019 Team NeedsImprovements and Declines in 2018.6 Year Window of Data at each Position ======================================
PART 1 Tabular Data Top of FigureTeamPosition2013 to 2018 Fantasy PointsGrand Total FP (Last 6 years)% 6 Year Positional Usage - How does the Team Use their Positions?% 2018 Positional Usage How did the Team distribute their FP last year?Positional DIFF (2018-(6 yr average)- What were the weakness and strengths in the 4 Positions as based on the Team's 2018 Positional usage? -------------------------------------------------- Part 2 Visual Plot of the Teams Positional Flash Card     1) X-Axis contains QB, RB, TE, and WR Positional Sectors     2) Left Y-Axis              Area Graph (Yellow with Black Boundary) 6 Year Team's Positional                       Usage              Bar Graph (Purple) 2018 % Posi…