Currently Doing My Team Flash Cards. What were 2018 Positional Weakness? 2019 Team Needs?

I am currently running my annual Team Flash Cards for all 32 Teams.  3/4 a Week


  • 2018 Weakness 
  • 2019 Team Needs
  • Improvements and Declines in 2018.
  • 6 Year Window of Data at each Position

PART 1 Tabular Data Top of Figure

  1. Team
  2. Position
  3. 2013 to 2018 Fantasy Points
  4. Grand Total FP (Last 6 years)
  5. % 6 Year Positional Usage - How does the Team Use their Positions?
  6. % 2018 Positional Usage How did the Team distribute their FP last year?
  7. Positional DIFF (2018-(6 yr average)- What were the weakness and strengths in the 4 Positions as based on the Team's 2018 Positional usage? 

Part 2 Visual Plot of the Teams Positional Flash Card

    1) X-Axis contains QB, RB, TE, and WR Positional Sectors

    2) Left Y-Axis

             Area Graph (Yellow with Black Boundary) 6 Year Team's Positional                       Usage

             Bar Graph (Purple) 2018 % Positional Usage 

   3) Right Y-Axis 

            2018 Team Positional Usages

            (Red Lines Loss vs Gains in 2018 for each position)


First Free Article at

Coming this week Atlanta (Tuesday) Baltimore (Thursday) 


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