Date: 6/20/16 Subject: Professor's June Memo Purpose: Crush your Leagues!

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Date:               6/20/16 

Subject:          June Memo

Dear Professor

Its June and you are in full swing of using new materials and data immersion.

Remember, you are not planting "flags" yet.

Your opinions need to have a lightness to them so that new data/concepts/news can be used to move those opinions around.

Other Pundits with their heavy anchoring will act as flypaper to ensnare us.

Visit their store but do not drink the Kool-Aid.

Teams are a unit and interconnected. Judge as a group as well as the individual.

Teams are on a journey. Visualize the way!

Visual Aids with Colors and Dimension are superior to slap up 1D numbers with not depth.

Rankings must be 3D. Performance, Risk and Expectations.

Currently,  you have Performance Rankings and Risk. You must work to develop an expectation number.

Any opinions formed must be moving into and through these dimensions

3D Rankings can be to be seen as you have illustrated below.

Rankings are always in motion as a ball on a roulette wheel. It stops at the end of the season. 

See below. 

Remember this blog is for your growth and learning as well as helping others to either be a valley crosser or mountain climbers. 

Lastly, Professor use all blog posts written till end of 2016 season to update next year's 2017 edition of your textbook.  Remember to leverage Voice Memos,  Evernote enteries and Iphone Note additions as well to capture all concepts and ideas all the time. 


The Professor :)


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